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year: 2018 
Sweet Island organizes:
different and fantastic kind of parties and workshops for adults and children;
  • in Dutch, English and Italian;
  • including drinks and italian handmade bites/hapjes;
  • available on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Reserve it by email info@sweetisland.eu
Have a look below:
------> "Little Baker" Price: €15,00 euro per child 
the children are going to:
 - Bake 6 cupcakes, or 8 koekjes 
(choose one of them) 
 -Decorate them with fondant.
- Go home with their ouwn creations.
(2 hours , on Wedsnedays, Fridays)

(min. 6 kinderen vanaf 3 jaar tot 11 jaar).

------> "Be a little Chef" Price: €19,50 euro per child 
the children are going to:
 - Make fresh Tagliatelle
Make italian tomato sauce
- Make meat ball

- Eat all together and go home with a Certificate as Little Chef.
(2,5 hours , on Wedsnedays, Fridays)

(min 6 5 kinderen vanaf 7 jaar tot 11 jaar).

------> "Be a Little Pizzaiolo " Price: €12,50 euro per child 
the children are going to:
 - Make their own PIZZA 
- Choose the ingredients  on it
- Eat all together
(1,5 hours , on Wedsnedays, Fridays)

(min 6 kinderen vanaf 4 jaar tot 11 jaar).

for each childrenparty you can choose also a 
-  DUTCH MENU: FRIES +  FRIKANDEL € 2,5- per child
- ITALIAN MENU: FRIES + piece PIZZA = € 3,00 per child

with one hour and half more to have fun!


  • Birthday - Baby Shower - "Bachelorette", Ladies Night,  en meer:
You can choose to decorate:
- a mini ball cake (12 cm), €17,50 per person time:2 hours) 
- Cookies Bouquet (incl.8 cookies pops, fondant, decorations and pot, time: 2,5 hours): € 22,50 per person. time 2,5 hours
- fondant cake (18 cm) € 37,50 per person, incl. cream to fill the cake, cover and decorate it with fondant, time: 3,5 hours
  •       WORKSHOP "Fresh Pasta": 
  • We are going to make 3 kind of pasta:
1. Farfalle 

2. Fusilli 

3. Ravioli (filled with ricotta and spinaches) 

When: 16/05/2015

Time: 13:30/ 17:00 (3,5 hours)

Price:€ 37,50 per pers.
(incl. ingredients, materials, taxes + Homemade Tomato Sauce!)

You go home with your homemade fresh pasta.
  • Workshop "Tagliatelle Paglia & Fieno al ragϊ"
Tagliatelle "Paglia and Fieno", called also "Yellow 
and Green", because they are Yellow as the Straw 
(dutch:"stro") and Green as the Hay (dutch: "hooi"). 
We are going to make:
- 2 kind of Tagliatelle (yellow and green)
- Bolognese sauce
Price: € 22,50 per person  (2,5 hours)
For more than 5 people 
and business group there is
 a great discount!
To reserve one of them, please send us an email at 
Other Professional Workshops:
  • 2nd July: Workshop: "Piping Technique" 
Learn how to decorate your cake with the piping 
the workshop consists on:
- filling the cake;
- using a "sac a poche" filled with whipped cream
- learn different techniques for making: roses, waves, basket, stars, ruffles, letters
- decorate and bring home your ouwn cake for 10/12 people.
Datum: 02-07-2015
Time: 19:30-22:30 (3 hours)
Price: € 65,00 

Reserve it and confirm your participation by email:
  • 23rd May: "Make your Sweets"
Small sweets and big taste!

Come to learn how to MAKE, BAKE and CREATE some delicious sweets and pastries filled with fresh fruits, pastry cream, whipped cream, and jam/nutella:

- 2 mini fruit cakes
- 2 crostatine
- 2 swans
- 2 eclairs
- 2x3 profiteroles 

You're going home with a tray full of your handmade sweets.

When: 23/05/2015
Where: Heeze at Sweet Island
Time: 13:00/ 17:00 (4 hours)

Price: €65,00

Confirm your participation by email info@sweetisland.eu or private fb-message.
  • "Workshop Puzzle"
(als u wilt andere avondje, kan ik wel voor u organiseren)
Die is een leuk workshop om andere manier de taart te versieren. 
U gaat en puzzel techniek leren en ik geef u de materialen als fondant en gereedeschaap te gebruiken
Na de workshop gaat u naar huis met je eigen puzzelplaatje welke u kan het te bewaren of de volgende taart versieren.
De workshop duurt 2,5 uur
tijd: 19,30 - 22,00
kost: € 30,00 per persoon
(min. 2 - max 4 personen)
Tijdens de workshop lekkere drinken en gebakjes
  • "Workshop Quilling"


Die workshop duurt 3 uur. ,

U gaat een fondant hart bloemtjes, bladeren, vlinder en vogeltjes maken met de techniek van Quilling en op het dummy taart te zitten.



tijd: 19:30 - 22:30
datum: op aanvrag
Kost: € 50,00 per person (inclusief alle materialen)
(min. 2 -max 4 personen)


Tijdens de workshop, lekker gebakjes en drinken.




Maar Sweet Island kan nog meer feestjes organiseren!!!
Mail ons gerust met uw wensen en wij maken er een onvergetelijke middag/avond van!
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